May 6, 08
Solarstream Heat Pump Reduces the Cost of Hot Water by 4x

The Solarstream is a breakthough heat pump water heater which uses heat transfer technology to generate over 500Lt of hot water (at 500C) from a 314Lt tank.

In many domestic situations the heat pump will only need to operate 3-4 hours. Using only 1.3kWhr, it reduces energy bills.

In commercial sites and apartment blocks multi-units can make significant savings. Its pre-heating capabilities make it suitable for kitchen and restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes, office blocks and especially 2 storey domestic homes.

Solarstream’s heat exchanger uses compression, super insulation design and heat transfer technology to maximise performance.

Tests performed on a winter's evening in Melbourne with air temperature of 14 degrees centigrade at the beginning of the test and 11.4 deg C at the end of test, showed that Solarstream heated 340 litres of water from scratch in 3 hours and 10 minutes with a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 3.3. (This is a factor of efficiency greater than a conventional electric water water, which has a COP of around .85). In warm air of 30 degrees centigrade, Solarstream can heat 340 litres of water from scratch in 1.7 hours and achieve an amazing COP of 5.4.

The Siddons Solarstream is a Heat Pump Water Heater. The copper condenser coil is the heat exchanger. It is wrapped under compression around the outside of a marine grade, stainless steel tank, integrating it with the water tank in a design that provides a very large conductive area, making it very efficient. This design also keeps the refrigerant completely seperated from the hot water. In operation, the heat recovery unit of the Solarstream captures solar heat from ambient air and fan forces it through a fin coil, similar to the reverse cycle of an air conditioner. The warm refrigerant is then super heated by compression, pumped through the condenser coil and transferred to the water tank via a very effective, patented design giving amazing performance. There are no welds or joins in this design between the copper coil and the stainless steel tank so that these different metals are free to expand and contract differently.

Government grants can reduce the investment by over $1600 for a typical domestic installation.