May 30, 08
Blacklight Power Invents World Changing Thermal Power Generator

BlackLight Power has announced the successful testing of a new breakthrough energy source that could transform energy production and put America on the road to a near infinite clean supply of thermal generated power.

The company has successfully developed a prototype power system generating 50,000 watts of thermal power on demand. BlackLight Power is pursuing the immediate design and engineering of central power plants utilizing the BlackLight Process. BLP plans on developing pilot plants with architecture and engineering firms with anticipated delivery in approximately 12 to 18 months. The BLP process has been replicated and validated by independent scientists and has received interest from financial institutions and power utility plant operators around the world. BLP plans on licensing its technologies.

"If you make cheap heat, you can make cheap electricity and if you can make cheap electricity you can make cheap hydrogen," says Randell Mills, Chairman, CEO, and President of BlackLight Power Inc. "The BlackLight Process generates enormous amounts of cheap, non-polluting heat that will replace the thermal power in coal, oil, gas and nuclear power plants that is then converted to electricity."

And with gasoline prices setting record after record, BlackLight CEO Randell Mills, says the BlackLight Process is the breakthrough we've all been waiting for. "The hydrogen-burning car has been possible for decades, but there has never been a way to produce cheap hydrogen until today. We are projecting that we will be at the scale of power generation necessary for a power plant to replace the gasoline pumped in a day at a station with hydrogen from water in approximately 24 months."

Dr. Shelby Brewer, former CEO of ABB Combustion Engineering and Assistant Secretary of Energy during the Reagan Administration called today's announcement remarkable. "In my nearly 50 years in and around the energy business, I've yet to see a breakthrough as promising as this one. When I was studying to become a nuclear engineer in the 1960s, I never imagined I would see a day like today." Brewer, a current board member of BlackLight Power, added "This breakthrough was entirely supported by private capital with no government investment."

Michael Jordan, former CEO of Westinghouse and current board member of BlackLight Power, says "The breakthroughs announced by Randell Mills and his team of scientists will go down as one of the most important advances in the field of energy in the last fifty years."