May 2, 08
Hy-Bird All-Electric Solar/Hydrogen Aircraft to Fly Around the World

Hy-Bird, a “zero carbon” development aircraft is set to be the first all-electric powered aeroplane in the world and is scheduled to fly around the world and star in a Leonardo DiCaprio film.

The environmentally-friendly design is being developed and refined by LISA Airplanes which specialises in high technology projects and is based near Chambéry/Aix airport in France.

Erick Herzberger, president of LISA Airplanes, says that Hy-Bird uses only solar energy and hydrogen. “Photovoltaic cells affixed on the wings supply sufficient energy for the take off and a fuel cell fuels the aircraft for cruise flight,” he adds. “It is solely powered by an electric engine and will be the first aeroplane that does not emit any greenhouse gas and is completely silent.”

The "Hy-Bird" project plans to fly around the world with a 100% clean electric airplane powered only by renewable energies: solar energy and hydrogen. The lightweight, hybrid plane made out of lightweight carbon fiber - it’s final weight will be just 1.1 tons. Lithium-polymer batteries will provide the plane’s main power source and solar photovoltaics, covering the plane’s 20-meter-long wings, will provide about 10% of its power