March 24, 08
Luxim Invents Revolutionary Pill Size Plasma LightBulb

LUXIM Corp. has announce the introduction of its new LIFI™ Entertainment solid state high intensity light source plasma based lighting system. The new revolutionary module outputs up to 12,000 lumens from a tiny pill sized emitter that has no electrodes attached, energy is transfer by a concentrated electric field. The high intensity light has a color rendering index of 91 and a 20,000 hour lifetime. The Luxim micro Bulb outputs 250 watts with 140 lumens per watt , which is about ten times the output of traditional incandescent light.

In applications like moving heads, scanners and follow spots, LIFI™ Entertainment light sources enable 50% higher fixture efficiency than conventional lamps. As a result, designers of entertainment lighting can increase beam intensity and reduce optical system size. In addition, LIFI™ Entertainment systems last seven times longer than those using conventional HID lamps and are safe to use in any application since they do not experience explosions or broken glass.

LIFI™ Entertainment light sources join other products in the LIFI™ portfolio with their full spectrum output achieving CRI of 91. Lighting equipment designers can use the wide spectral range of LIFI sources to achieve excellent illumination quality and densely saturated filtered effects.

Each LIFI™ Entertainment light source is equipped with an individually addressable microcontroller that can provide energy saving dimming and strobe. This smart lighting feature is compatible with various network protocols and can feed back system status.