February 21, 08
Compressed Air-Hybrid Engine is Up To 50% More Efficient

The Scuderi Group, developer of the world's most fuel efficient internal combustion engine, has announced that Bosch Engineering GmbH will assist in the prototype development of the Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine. As one of the world's leading engineering services company, Bosch Engineering will apply its expertise to the development of the timing system for the gasoline and diesel prototypes.

Specifically, Bosch will assist the Scuderi Group and its independent laboratory in defining the technical requirements, supplying component specifications, such as the fuel injection system itself. The team will start by focusing on the Otto (spark ignition combustion) cycle and then address the diesel cycle.

"Bringing the top tier talent of Bosch Engineering to our team developing the Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine provides exceptional engineering resources that will help advance the Scuderi Engine technology," commented Sal Scuderi, president of the Scuderi Group.

As announced recently, the first independent lab report has predicted that the Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine under full-load (FL) conditions provides higher power, torque, and efficiency ratings than are currently attainable by the conventional turbocharged engines used in vehicles today.

The Scuderi Engine

The Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine is expected to provide significant improvements in the area of power, efficiency, and environmental protection. The Scuderi Group has made these latest improvements by focusing on fluid and thermodynamics in the engine core. The results of state-of-the-art modeling and testing indicate:

-- Fuel efficiency 25-50 percent higher than in today’s gasoline and diesel engines

-- Nitrous emissions up to 80 percent less than that of today’s gasoline and diesel engines

-- Improved performance of hybrid engines

-- Considerably more torque and power over conventional engines

-- Minimal increased manufacturing and tooling costs due to use of similar or common components

How the Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine works

Through the addition of a small compressed air storage tank with only a few control elements costing only a few hundred dollars, the Scuderi engine can recover the energy that is normally lost when a vehicle is decelerated. To apply this principle in an electric-hybrid vehicle, a complex electrical system is needed that costs thousands of dollars and consists of generators, motors, and batteries. The Scuderi air-hybrid, unlike electric hybrids, also has the unique ability to recapture energy from the engine's exhaust stream. This makes it possible to also use the Scuderi air-hybrid technology in stationary applications such as in generators, an area of application in which the electrical hybrid is considered impractical.