October 26 , 07
Patent-Pending Waste Heat External Combustion Engine

Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. has announced that it has successfully tested its patent-pending Waste Heat Engine (WHE), a unique technology off-shoot of the Green Revolution Engineā„¢.

This event marks the initial mechanical operation of the company's prototype WHE. The engine experienced immediate start-up, and ran continuously under variable pressures and RPM. Under these test conditions, the engine's patent-pending and highly unique valve mechanism -- a critical component in the uni-flow, zero-clearance design of the WHE -- also performed successfully.

The WHE is a self-starting, external combustion engine that operates in a low pressure, low temperature range. This feature allows the engine to run on waste heat emanating from an external source, such as the exhaust from an internal (or external) combustion engine, or the direct burning of biomass (i.e., processing garbage into methane is not required). The WHE is also designed to run efficiently on solar heat without the installation of costly photovoltaic panels.

"These initial tests show that the WHE can perform efficiently under very low-pressure," stated inventor and Cyclone's CEO, Harry Schoell. "The commercial possibilities for this are immense, such as boosting the power and efficiency of industrial generators, or providing a renewable source of electricity for homes and businesses."

Mr. Schoell predicts that the WHE's solar applications could provide electricity to a home at one-fifth the cost of comparable photovoltaic panel systems, and could be in commercial production as early as 2008. .