August 29, 08
Nexterra’s Gasification Technology Turns Biomass Into SynGas

Nexterra’s proprietary gasification technology provides a clean, versatile and low cost means of converting wood and other solid fuels into syngas to produce heat and power at plant-scale applications. Nexterra has initially developed gasification systems to displace natural gas at sawmills, panelboard plants, pulp and paper mills, and institutional facilities using wood fuel. Future applications include systems that operate on coal and other low cost fuels.

The core of Nexterra’s technology is a fixed-bed, updraft gasifier. Fuel, sized to 3 inches or less, is bottom-fed into the centre of the dome-shaped, refractory lined gasifier. Combustion air, steam and/or oxygen are introduced into the base of the fuel pile. Partial oxidation, pyrolysis and gasification occur at 1500 — 1800 °F, and the fuel is converted into “syngas” and non-combustible ash. The ash migrates to the base of the gasifier and is removed intermittently through an automated in-floor ash grate. The clean syngas can then be directed through energy recovery equipment or fired directly into boilers, dryers and kilns to produce useable heat, hot water, steam and/or electricity."