August 14, 08
PowerMaster ReCyclone Transforms Garbage Into Energy

It’s a clean way to get rid of garbage. New technology created by PowerMaster Environmental Group takes ordinary trash and turns it into energy and reusable power sources like diesel fuel.

The PowerMaster ReCyclone™ acts like the wind inside a tornado, grinding garbage into tiny pieces and shrinking the need for extra landfill space. Not only does the grinder reduce landfill space by up the 97%, but it is a key component in converting waste into energy.

PowerMaster ReCyclone™ technology reduces waste in landfills, turns waste into energy, and recycles waste products. Trash becomes electricity or a variety of compost material, organic waste becomes diesel, and plastic turns into oil.

“This is the newest way to go green because it extends the life of landfills,” says Lila York of PowerMaster Environmental Group, which manufactures the PowerMaster ReCyclone™.

“Plus, the PowerMaster ReCyclone™ can be completely customized for any business or any facility to reduce their waste into a renewable source. The Processor is so versatile it can grind almost any waste except case-hardened steel,” says York.

PowerMaster has identified more than 17 vertical markets including waste to energy, landfill reduction, disaster cleanup, factory seconds, and recycling of almost all material. In addition to shredders, the company offers complete turn-key operations.

Renewable resources continue to be the focus for PowerMaster with its waste into energy process. Every landfill is a treasure trove of trash ready to be reduced or converted into something that can be reused, thereby providing seven times the amount of landfill space, the company says.

“This new technology couldn’t come at a better time, either,” says Paul Dole, director of special projects at PowerMaster Environmental Group.

Look no further than the European Union – where the majority of countries are in a self-proclaimed garbage crisis. They’re out of landfill space and need to figure out a way to stretch their land and recycle as much of their garbage as possible.

PowerMaster ReCyclone™ provides a viable way for businesses in Europe and the U.S. to reduce their burden on landfills and convert something like rubber tires into reusable surface material.

“Europe is already in a garbage crisis and the U.S. is nearing one,” says Dole. “The PowerMaster ReCyclone™ can help any company or municipality do its part to save the environment and stretch landfill space and all the while, we’re creating new energy.”