July 9, 08
Volkswagen Unveils Three Concept Vehicle Vision for the Year 2028

Volkswagen has launched a new microsite which presents their vision of automated transportation in the year 2028. For this presentation VW designers have specially developed three vehicle concepts named 'one' – for a single passenger, 'ego' – a sporty two seater, and 'room' – for the family. These concepts illustrates how vehicles of the future will be emissions free, used as living spaces, networked, accident free and customized at the touch of a button.

Upon entering the microsite, a short flash film begins. A father reminisces to his son while strolling through a park about a time when cars were run on petrol, had accidents and were stuck in traffic for hours. During their discussion they interact with holographic displays to communicate with their autonomous car to arrange a pickup point while showing a couple of other neat future technologies.

Volkswagen: What do you think a normal day will be like in the year 2028? What will the car of the future be like? In our future vision, we present to you our ideas about the cars of tomorrow. You can look forward to vehicle concepts bursting with new ideas and innovations. We build cars that are tailored to people's needs. We consider one important task for the year 2028 to be the elimination of safety risks in cars, whilst simultaneously maximising vehicle comfort. We also want to produce cars in the future that are great fun. Our benchmark is the responsible designing of cars in cooperation with you, in order to meet the challenges of our automotive future. www.volkswagen2028.com