July 29, 08
Loremo Unveils Super Efficient 120 mpg, 2-Cylinder 1300 Pound Car

Loremo has unveiled the the final shape of its super-efficient LS car with latest round of changes which include improved streamlined shapes, more interior space and more efficient aerodynamics.

Loremo - the name stands for ‘low resistance mobile’ - has a range of cars in development, all based on its prototype, the well-known LS. A sportier, though still hyper-efficient GT model and an all-electric EV model are also being worked on.

Designed to be a mainstream high-efficiency vehicle, the LS is promised to achieve fuel economy of better than 120 mpg. The first production model is expected to weigh less than 1300 pounds and feature a compact two-cylinder turbodiesel powertrain of undisclosed displacement, but given the proposed power and efficiency ratings, it’s not likely to exceed 1-litre. Pricing of the Loremo LS is targeted to fall below $24,705, however no market release date has been announced yet.

The new design of the Loremo aims to meet tough consumer preferences by substantially enhancing the car’s profile. The rear end of the cars slopes down a little more and the taillights have become larger, giving it a more conventional appearance than earlier prototypes. Additionally, the car’s face has been reworked to make for a completely consistent overall impression.

Due to the new design objectives of increasing the car’s convenience and usability, it has gained significantly in height and width. At the same time, engineers have managed to keep the low air resistance level despite the increased size. Likewise, weight has been controlled and will stay essentially the same as the projected 1300 pound curb weight.

While none of the Loremo cars will be powerful by conventional standards - the LS is rated at 15kW, the GT at 36kW and the EV at 20kW - there will be gradations of performance and economy that permit buyers to better suit their driving needs and preferences.

The LS model is intended to be built first and to gain the brand acceptance and popularity, though all of the cars will share the same basic outward appearance. In addition to its 120mpg efficiency target, the car is designed to feature a range of at least 600 miles on its 18.9L tank. Acceleration will be a sluggish, somewhat slower than a city car like the Smart, at 20 seconds from 0-60mph.

The GT will be equipped with a higher-output version of the engine that powers the LS, and will halve the estimated 0-160mph time to just 10 seconds, on pace with a present-day Toyota Prius. Fuel economy is targeted to stay below 100mpg for the sportier GT model, while range is shortened to about 434 miles.

Eventually the company hopes to offer an all-electric version of the car, powered by lithium-ion batteries and able to roam as far as 100 miles per charge. Acceleration, like power, will slot between the LS and GT at an estimated 15 seconds for the trip to 0-60mph.