June 6, 08
Cyclone Waste Heat Engine Delivers Energy for 80% Less

The Cyclone WHE (Waste Heat Engine) promises a revolution in energy generation by using excess heat energy from virtually any source. It is a self-starting engine that operates in a low pressure, low temperature range. This feature allows the engine to run on waste heat emanating from an external source, such as the exhaust from an internal (or external) combustion engine, or the direct burning of biomass (i.e., processing garbage into methane would not be required). The WHE is also designed to run efficiently on Solar Heat without the installation of costly photovoltaic panels.

Such commercial applications for the WHE include boosting the power and efficiency of large gasoline or diesel-powered generators. When installed to the exhaust system of such an engine – that can generate over 1000 degrees of heat, the WHE could materially increase overall horsepower and reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, once installed, the WHE could serve, as a stand-by generator should the primary system shut down.

Another major commercial application includes solar-power generators for homes or businesses. By attaching inexpensive panels to a roof, enough heat can be produced to run the WHE. The company believes that such a system could be installed at a price of approximately 20% of the cost of comparable photovoltaic panel systems, while also providing home owners with a back-up power supply that current solar options do not. Excess electricity could be directed back to the power grid for electrical power credits.