June 4, 08
Student Creates 866 mpg Vehicle Mixing Hydrogen with Gasoline

Minnesota High School senior Jon Soli has invented a duel fuel system that may one day be powering vehicles all across America.

It's taken him two years of work, but it's finally here. His invention could lower your fuel bills by 30%.

He built a battery-powered device that can actually turn water into energy and lower the amount of gas you need by about 23%.

"It'll lower emissions, clean up the environment, and it will save you money." (soli)

You may have heard of hydrogen cars. Soli's invention attaches to your motor and uses both hydrogen and oxygen for energy.

He and four friends re-designed the engine and design of a car so it gets 866 miles to the gallon. Their completed vehicle helped them take first place in the design proposal portion of the 20th annual Supermileage Challenge presented by the Minnesota Technology Education Association.

The car isn't safe for the road, but the combination of that engine, Soli's invention, and a safer frame could revolutionize the way we drive.

"I'm feeling great. I didn't know it would get this far. The project just seemed to get bigger and bigger," says Soli.

Within the last month, he won two international awards and $2,500 for his work. He says this is only the beginning.