September 25, 08
Greenvolts ReInvents Concentrated Solar with CarouSol System

GreenVolts has developed one of the most advanced concentrated photovoltaic systems in the World and it thinks its new CarouSol technology will ultimately triumph in the highly competitive and rapidly changing solar marketplace.

The CarouSol produces energy density of 700+MWh/acre/year, more than twice that of traditional photovoltaic panels meaning that it uses roughly half the land to produce the same amount of power.The CarouSol’s 2-axis sun tracking system creates a 20% higher capacity factor advantage over fixed mounted systems.

GreenVolts’ concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) technology offers a number of advantages over other solar technologies – primarily that it produces energy at less than half the cost of traditional solar panels. This is largely because the company’s optical and tracking systems were designed together in order to provide a great increase in performance over conventional systems. Additionally, GreenVolts’ patent pending optical design allows for tighter packing which generates more energy from a given land area than any other solar technology.

The GreenVolts system does not require the construction of transmission lines or turbines that are common with solar thermal technologies because our system can be located close to communities rather than far away in the desert. The GreenVolts system is also designed for rapid, more efficient production meaning that it can be built more quickly and more inexpensively than existing solution.

GreenVolts has designed its entire solution, from the basic technology components to its interaction with the grid, to ensure the lowest levelized cost of energy. The industry-best energy density, their wholesale distributed generation approach, the long-term reliability of their systems, and the emphasis on low-cost high-volume manufacture all enable their solutions to produce solar energy at a price and scale competitive with fossil fuels.