September 19, 08
New Wind Energy Turbines Use Satellites to Monitor Critical Data

Globalstar has announced that it has signed an agreement with Renewable Energy Systems to transmit wind measurement and other remote monitoring data from prospective wind farm locations to their backoffice using the Globalstar satellite network.

According to the agreement RES Americas will purchase ExtraNET CC communications controllers designed by Crystalline Technology Inc., from Globalstar distributor NetSat. The controllers will be used to provide seamless communications using Globalstar satellite data modems and the Globalstar satellite data network.

"As the world pays increased attention to alternative or green energy solutions we're pleased to provide one of the nation's leaders in renewable power, RES Americas, with the ability to affordably monitor crucial data such as wind speeds and hardware related information from virtually anywhere. Integrators such as Crystalline can affordably integrate our Globalstar satellite coverage capability into their remote data solutions. Using our innovative Optimal Satellite Availability Tool or OSAT as well as the ability to "store and forward" data, Crystalline provides customers such as RES Americas with a high quality, highly reliable way to monitor weather and control data without having to worry about the availability of phone lines or other wireless infrastructure."

"Retrieving data from rural weather stations is a complex logistical process," said Matt Gillham (Instrumentation Technician II) of Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc. "Globalstar and Crystalline distributor Net SAT were able to provide us with an affordable, ubiquitous and highly reliable solution for accessing data from our remote locations across the US that also met our specialized technical and remote communications requirements."