September 18, 08
Solar Stik Combines Wind and Solar Portable Power Generation

A number of portable solar energy solutions have been popping up within the last several months. Primarily these solutions have arrived in the form of very expensive briefcases, handbags, and backpacks. Now the non wearable Solar Stik has arrived at about one half to one third the price.

The idea for the Solar Stik developed in Key West in the winter of 97-98, by the skippers of three boats. The boats were without any means to power refrigeration units, long-range communications or lights. All of which were necessities for small boats about to embark on long voyages.

The original Solar Stiks were made by the Key West skippers at night while they compared ideas and assembly suggestions. Now the skippers have an East Coast, USA manufacturing plant that creates them. The original stiks were built to last and are still working on the original boats.

The modern Solar Stik embodies 10 years of use and improvement in its current development and design. The stiks have survived every type of severe weather and stormy sea. The concept has grown from the simple Solar Stiks created all those years ago, into a variety of useful solar products not only for use on boats, but for use on land as well. The Solar Stik comes in three different versions: the Solar Stik Marine, the Solar Stik Terra, and the Pro Series Solar Stik Breeze.

Not only are boat owners buying the Solar Stik Marine to provide energy for onboard electricity needs like those of the original skippers, but they also have modern equipment like computers and GPS systems that need power. Add-0ns for all three versions of the Solar Stik have evolved that store power, provide different mounting solutions and turn dirty salt water into clean drinking water.

The Solar Stik Breeze combines both wind and solar energy creating a great power generating duo. Traveling by boat can be claustrophobic if you aren’t used to being confined. Space is limited so adding even something as productive as a Solar Stik has to take up minimal space and provide maximum energy to make it worth carrying.

Solar Stiks are portable green energy for the needs of travelers both on and off the sea. The best part is that the stiks start at $150. A great price for a green energy solution.